Monday, October 29, 2012

How much does a T-mobile franchise cost in your area?

How much does a T-Mobile franchise cost
"How much does a T-mobile franchise cost", you ask? If you are thinking about opening up a T-Mobile cell phone store in your area then maybe this lens may shed some light on that question. Let's get right to it. Currently there are several different options when it comes to opening up a T-mobile store. 

The first option is know as the "Premium Retailer" option. This options requires:

1. $1.5 million in liquid assets
2. A 10 store area development agreement

If you have this kind of cash and are looking to fully capitalize on everything that is T-mobile, then this option is for you.

The second option is the 4G Retailer option. This option requires:

1: $150,000 in liquid assets
2. 3 store minimum area development agreement

If you would like to open at least 3 stores then this option is for you. It is a little less intensive then the Premium Retailer option and deals with their prepaid lineup instead of contracted services. Now if you are interested in just opening up one or two stores then the following option below is exactly what you are looking for.


The T-Mobile 4G Sub Dealer Option

(727) 366-9582 - My Direct Line

How about this concept. Our master agents have put up the cash for you, provided all the materials necessary for you to become an authorized dealer and are ready to issue you dealer codes for that one store endeavor. For this option, instead of having to put up $150,000 or $1.5M, simply pay an airtime deposit equal to the amount of your projected airtime sales for the first, plus the cost of merchandise, and you ready to roll. You will then have access to a credit line equal to the amount of that deposit which is enough to generally cover 3 months of T-Mobile airtime processing.

Skip the red tape and get started quickly selling one of the hottest brands in prepaid wireless today.

Why T-Mobile?

Because of Their Product Lineup

T-mobile no doubt has perhaps one of the hottest lineups of smart phones and wireless devices in the wireless game today. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy SIII, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5, HTC One S, and others - all available on T-mobile, all without a contract. Dealers across the country are earning as much as $600,000 or more selling prepaid wireless via the T-mobile product lineup, and if you'd like to claim your piece of this pie then today is the time sign on as a T-mobile dealer.

Hopefully this post has provided a little more information on just how much does a T-mobile franchise cost to setup. Good luck with business!   (727) 366-9582 - My Direct Line.  Call me today!


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